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Interest Transfers with Oklahoma Petroleum Allies

Division Orders

Before you mail back your division order(s) please make sure and fill out the bottom of the form with contact information so we can reach you if we have a question. We send out division orders to inform royalty owners that we will be paying on their oil royalties, and to make sure that the interest we show matches up with the interest that they show.

Transfer of interest

An assignment needs to be filed with the courthouse in which the lease is located. An oil and gas assignment can be purchased at any office supply store. Once the legal documentation has been sent back from the courthouse, a copy will need to be sent to Oklahoma Petroleum Allies so the name can be changed.

Name Change from Divorce

A copy of the first page of the divorce decree must be sent to Oklahoma Petroleum Allies via e-mail, fax, or mailed in.

Dividing an interest

A copy of the legal documentation that says how the interest is supposed to be divided up and to whom it is to go to. (Letter of Testamentary)